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Use my multi-page website estimator to get an approximation of the costs to build a traditional site with multiple pages and header navigation.  If the estimate looks good and you’d like to proceed, simply hit the ‘Submit’ button to email the estimate to me and I’ll contact you to discuss your project.  Information on how to use the estimator and explanations of the services are listed below the estimator.

Multi-Page Website Examples

Estimator Guide & Definitions

Yearly Fees

The fees listed under the ‘Yearly Fees’ section of the estimator are charged on a yearly basis.  These include, but are not limited to:  domain name registration, hosting, security packages, e-mail accounts, & maintenance and licensing.  The estimate includes the first year of fees, but no further years.

Domain Name

The domain name assumes registration of one, .COM domain name.  Additional domain names and/or other designations (.NET, .ORG, etc.) would require additional charges.


Hosting is the yearly fee for leasing the computer systems to run the website.  The estimator only estimates hosting obtained through KRB Web Services LLC.  For more information, click here.

Security Package

The ‘Security Package’ is an optional add-on technical service.  A security package is highly recommended and not only provides the added protection of a web-application firewall, but also offers remediation services to fix your site in the event of a security breach.  For more information about security packages, click here.

Essentials & Plus E-mail Accounts

KRB Web Services LLC offers two levels of e-mail service.  The difference between the ‘Essentials’ level of service and the ‘Plus’ level of service is the storage space.  The ‘Essentials’ service has 10GB of storage per account versus the ‘Plus’ service that has 50GB of storage per account.  For more information about e-mail services, click here.

Design Fees

Design fees are the labor I charge to develop, design, configure, and build the website.  These fees are for labor only and do not include any charges for outside items like stock photography or images, graphics, plug-in licenses, or themes and layouts.

Base Fee

The ‘Base’ fee is the labor charge to build the home page site including setting up wordpress, configuring plug-ins included with the site, adding navigation and menus, adding your content, testing and deploying the site.

Specialized Pages

‘Specialized Pages’ are specific pages for a specific type of content.  Since not every site needs these options, they can be added individually.  The charges for the add-on items are for the labor to design, install, configure, test, and deploy the specialized page; however, they do not include any fees associated with the option (ie., calculator plugin).

‘Specialized Pages’ Descriptions:

  • Blog – The ‘Blog’ page or ‘Latest News’ page is a page designed to show your ‘posts’ or articles written and added to the site.  These pages also have archives and the posts can be categorized and tagged for navigation.  Most clients use these to build up content for their site both to inform customers and to enhance SEO.
  • Sales Page – A sales page is a separate, specifically designed page to highlight an offer or sales.  They are used to generate a specific action by the viewer.  Most of these are sales offers much like print advertising, but they can also be designed to initiate contact from a website visitor to generate leads.  These are powerful pages used heavily in online marketing and most clients will add this page and then advertise the offer on social media or PPC with a link directly to the page.
  • Service Quote Page – A service quote page is any page that requires some interaction between the visitor and the website to produce information.  A prime example is this website calculator that allows the visitor to select website options and produce an estimate of the cost.  There are many other options availalbe and this is just one example.
Additional Content Pages

Additional content pages are the normal add-on pages to the website aside from the home page and any specialized pages.  For instance, if you have 3 services you offer, you could have 1 page with all 3 services, or you could have a page for each one individually.  The main thing to consider for additional content pages is that they are just pages that don’t have any special functionality required as mentioned above.

Additional Options

‘Additional Options’ are some common add-on items for the websites I build.  Since not every site needs these options, they can be added individually.  The charges for the add-on items are for the labor to design, install, configure, test, and deploy the option; however, they do not include any fees associate with the option (ie., SMTP mailing service).

Option Descriptions:

  • Contact Form – The contact form is a form added to the site that allows visitors to enter information that is submitted via email to the site owner.
  • E-Mail collection set-up – This includes configuring the set-up with the host (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc.) and the embedding or design of one website collection form.  These are used to gather e-mails and other information from visitors for e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Privacy Policy – Some of the options mentioned require a Privacy Policy by law.  I use a service to create privacy policies for websites and the charge for this is for both the policy and the creation of a separate privacy policy page.  If you have your own privacy policy developed, I can create the page for your privacy policy at the standard page fee of $75.
  • FaceBook Pixel Installation – If you intend to use FaceBook advertising at all in conjunction with your website, a pixel (code) needs to be installed and configured.  This charge is for this installation on the site and configuration both on the site and with FaceBook.
  • Social Media Sharing – I use a plug-in called Monarch that is included with Divi that adds social media sharing buttons to the website.  The charge for this option is to configure and install the plug-in and the buttons.
  • Google Analytics – Google Analytics is used for tracking website statistics.  Every website I design comes with JetPack statistics, but Google Analytics is much more robust and is very useful for detailed analysis of site traffic.  It’s highly recommended if you want to do any advertising.  The charge is to install the code and configure the analytics account, but does not include any reporting or analysis.
Summary, Discount, & Total

The summary outlines all of your selections and the costs associate with them.  The amount is totaled before any applicable discount.

The ‘Discount’ amount is the total of the hosting and maintenance & licensing fees.  All new website clients receive the first year of these services free!! (see terms & conditions).

The Grand Total amount is the total amount of the estimated costs less the discount.

Submit & PDF Download

The ‘Submit’ button allows you to submit this estimate to KRB Web Services LLC.  Once you hit the button, fields will appear so you can enter your contact information.  If you submit your estimate, I will contact you to discuss your project.

If you want to download the estimate, simply hit the ‘PDF Download’ button and you’ll be provided with a PDF file of the estimate for your records.  Note – this does not submit the estimate to KRB Web Services, only hitting the ‘Submit’ button and filling out the information will do that.

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