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Multi-Page Design

These are just some examples of layouts and websites designed with Divi. There are many more and all are customizable to fit your needs.

Below are six example sites built using Divi. These examples are used to highlight the flexibility of design and to give you an idea of how professional sites look and perform. There are hundreds of different layout options available. When I meet with you to discuss your project, I gather your information and ideas and build different layout options for your site. From those options, we work together to get the design just right.

Just a couple notes on the demo sites. These sites are encapsulated within my website, therefore, there is no top header navigation so I’ve added links at the bottom of each page to view the other pages within the same design. Of course, all client sites have top level header navigation. Also, I’ve only included 3 or 4 base pages with each demo site to keep them small, but there are many more pages available within each site as well as options for dynamic pages (blog/latest news) and store fronts.

Construction Site

Doctor’s Office


Interior Design

Golf Course


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