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Use my online website cost estimator system to get a hassle-free, no obligation estimate for the cost for your new website.

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Estimate technical and design costs for your site

If you are trying to find out how much it costs to build a new website, answering that question can be an extremely frustrating experience.  Why? Because most website design companies won’t provide you any cost information without going through the quoting process first.

It is true that the website design company does need to meet with potential clients to get an understanding of the design and technical requirements to develop an accurate quote.  However; in my experience, most people, at least in the initial discovery phase, aren’t looking for a detailed quote to build a website.  Most people are looking for the ballpark figure.  Is a new site going to cost $500 or $5,000 to build?  Getting that initial rough idea of the cost helps the business plan and budget for the expense.

That’s why I created my interactive website cost estimator system.  You can use my estimators to give you that ‘ballpark’ figure for the type of site you wish to have.  My estimators provide costs for technical services (hosting/email/security), design, and maintenance.  You can choose the type of site you are looking for below and the link will take you to the estimator for that type of site.  Of course, these are just estimates and if you want to go forward with your project I will need to develop a quote; however, the estimators are quite accurate, especially if you don’t need any options other than those built into the estimator itself.

The best thing about my estimator system:  No obligation means no obligation.  You get the estimate but I don’t…unless you choose to send it to me.  Each of my estimators has a ‘Submit’ button that will send me your information as well as your estimate; however, you don’t have to hit that button to get the estimate.  The estimate is yours regardless if you send it to me or not.  You can even download a PDF copy of it.  If you do submit your estimate to me, I will reach out to you to discuss your project, but if not, at least you have a general idea of the costs associated with building a site.

Single Page Website Estimator

The single page website estimator provides an estimate for simple, one-page site designs.  These are very popular sites as they are very focused and suit small businesses that don’t need a large, expansive site to get their point across.  Coupled with a well written and designed ‘Call To Action’, these types of sites can drive customers to your business with ease.

Multi-Page Website Estimator

The multi-page website estimator provides an estimate for a more traditional website.  These are great sites for businesses that want have separate pages for services or that want to produce articles in a blog or latest news section.  These sites have a more hierarchical type of structure with sub-pages branching out and down from main pages.  These sites require more planning and linking than single page sites.

E-Commerce Website Estimator

The E-Commerce website estimator will provide you with an estimate for your online store.  E-Commerce sites usually follow the multi-page site structure but add in a storefront, payment processors, inventory management, and loads of images.  They require more technical resources, design expertise, and strategy to develop and deploy, as well as more continuous maintenance.

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