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KRB Web Services LLC uses accounting software to produce and send invoices via email. Clients that prefer hard-copy invoices to be mailed can request that option.

Due Date

Payments are due upon receipt.

Payment Methods

KRB Web Services LLC accepts different methods of payment and each method has specific guidelines.

Credit Card/Debit Card

Emailed invoices allow the option to pay via credit or debit card. These transactions are processed by the company handling our accounting and no financial information is accessible by KRB Web Services LLC (see our Privacy Policy). This is the preferred method of payment.

KRB Web Services LLC does not accept in-person credit card payments at this time; however, invoices can usually be sent immediately during in-person interactions so payment can be processed in the above manner at the time of service. You will never be asked to provide your credit card information by or to KRB Web Services LLC directly.


Check payments are accepted by KRB Web Services LLC. A check payment can be sent directly to:
KRB Web Services LLC
3210 Devroy Ln.
Green Bay, WI 54313

Check payments require a 7 day hold.


Cash payments are accepted during in-person interactions. If cash is paid in-person, you will receive an emailed receipt immediately to confirm your payment.

Recurring Payments

If you pay your invoice via credit or debit card you will have the option to opt-in for automatic payments going forward. Payments are processed according to the guidelines set during the opt-in process.

Dispute Resolution

If you dispute a charge or have any questions regarding your billing, please contact KRB Web Services LLC directly via phone (920.819.1352) or email.

Service Specific Billing & Payment Policies

Outlined below are billing and payment policies for specific services provided by KRB Web Services LLC.

Website Design

Payments for the planning, design, building, and launching of a website are broken into two separate invoices. The first payment is the retainer fee which is due upon signing of the contract. The retainer fee is non-refundable and varies depending on the type of site. The retainer fee is laid out in the website design contract.

The second payment is the final payment for the completion of the website. The payment is for the balance remaining after the payment of the retainer fee. This payment is due prior to pushing the site live.


Hosting is renewed on a yearly basis. The invoice for renewing your hosting account is sent 30 days prior to the renewal date (except for synchronized billing, see below). Payment in full must be received prior to the renewal date. If payment in full is not received prior to the renewal date, the account will be suspended and the site shut down until payment is received.

The hosting account will stay in suspended status for up to 90 days, if payment is not received within 90 days, the account will be permanently closed with no guarantee the website can be recovered.

Domain Name Registration

Due to the time sensitive nature of domain name registration, if you have KRB Web Services LLC register your website domain name for you a separate invoice will be sent specifically for this service. Domain names are renewed on a yearly basis. An invoice will be sent to you 60 days prior to the renewal date along with several reminder emails. If no payment is received before 20 days prior to the renewal date a letter will be sent to you along with a paper invoice for the renewal.

Payment must be received by the renewal date or the domain name will enter expired status.When a domain name is in expired status, it is available to be purchased on the open market and you may lose your domain name if someone else registers it.

If the domain name is not renewed, the website will also cease to function.

Website Care Plans

Website care plans are renewed on a yearly basis, usually with the same renewal date for hosting if applicable. The invoice is sent 30 days prior to the renewal date (except for synchronized billing, see below). Payment in full must be received prior to the renewal date. If payment is not received in full prior to the renewal date all website care plan actions will cease and the plan will be considered expired.

The website care plan can be restarted at any point after it has expired when a full payment has been received. If the plan is restarted after it had previously expired, the renewal date will change to the date the plan was restarted and all future billing cycles will reflect the new renewal date.

Content Updates & Design Changes

Billing for content updates and design changes requested by you will vary depending on the extent of the requested change. Minor updates and changes, like changing the price of a product listed on your website, will be tracked and billed when the accumulated amount reaches $50 or when either your hosting account or your website care plan renews. For example, if your requested changes accrue to $50, but the renewal for your hosting and/or website care plan isn’t for another four months, a separate invoice will be sent to you for the accrued charges.

However; if, for example, you have accrued $35 in updates and changes and your hosting account or website care plan is coming up for renewal within the next 60 days, these charges will be added to your normal renewal invoice so everything can be paid at one time.

Major updates or design changes that will exceed $50 will be completed via a formal change request with an estimate provided prior to completion of the update or design change. For example, if you wish to add a new page to your website to highlight a new service you provide, an estimate will be given to you for the cost to complete the requested change and once approved by you, the update will be completed. Upon completion, the invoice will be emailed to you for payment upon receipt.

To keep your account in good standing, please pay all invoices upon receipt. If payment is not received within 30 days of the invoice being sent, your account will be placed on a hold and no further content updates or design changes will be completed until the outstanding balance is paid.

Software Licenses & Third Parties

In some instances, KRB Web Services LLC may need to purchase software licenses for your website on a one-time payment basis or on a subscription basis. One time license purchases, if not part of the original design contract, will be invoiced the same as major content updates or design changes as outlined in the previous section. Subscription licenses will be billed in the same manor as billing for domain name registration.

There may also be instances where KRB Web Services LLC may need to hire third party contractors to complete specific tasks for your website. In these instances, you will be billed the same as a major content update or design change and provided with an estimate for approval prior to KRB Web Services LLC contracting out the service.

*Synchronized Billing

For those clients that had KRB Web Services LLC obtain a domain name and open a hosting account at the same time, the billing will be synchronized. The billing cycle for the domain name registration, hosting, and website care plan will use the domain name registration date as the renewal date and invoice timing and due dates will follow the domain name registration pattern. One invoice will be sent 60 days prior to the renewal date for all services.

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