Free Hosting & Maintenance For First Year - Terms & Conditions

The free hosting and maintenance for the first year offer has explicit terms and conditions that apply.  If you do not fit these terms and conditions, please contact me to request a consultation.



New Clients Only

The ‘Offer’ is intended for new design clients only. Existing clients with a website designed and built by KRB Web Services LLC are not eligible. This applies to design clients only. Existing clients for other services that do not have sites built by KRB Web Services LLC are eligible.

KRB Web Services LLC Hosting Required

Since hosting is included in the ‘Offer’, the client is required to use hosting services provided by KRB Web Services LLC. If the client has existing hosting or wishes to use a different host, a custom quote is required.

Hosting is limited to the following hosting services:  WordPress Basic, WordPress Deluxe, WordPress Ultimate, & WordPress Ecommerce.

Higher level hosting services are specifically excluded from this offer.

WordPress/Divi Requirements

The ‘Offer’ requires the client to use the WordPress CMS and the Divi theme. If another CMS or theme is desired, a custom quote will be required.

Website Care - 'Core' Care Plan
The base ‘Core’ Care Plan is included in the ‘Offer’ and is required for the first year. The ‘Core’ Care Plan is renewed on a yearly basis for $120 plus any optional add-on features you choose.


Technical Services Versus Design & Support Services

Due to legal requirements, technical services such as hosting, domain registration, security packages, and email are billed separately from design and website care plans.  You will create an account with KRB Web Services LLC to pay for and manage your hosting and other services, including the first year of services that are included in the plan.  However; since the first year of hosting is included in the ‘Offer’, the amount paid for hosting will be credited back to you on your bill for the site design.

Design Services Payment

Final payment of the remaining balance is due upon approval of the final site mock-up. Once final payment is received, the site is pushed live.  Your final bill will reflect the total price less the above-referenced hosting credit, plus whatever add-on services you’ve elected, if any.

Payment Options For Technical Services

Technical services as previously mentioned are billed separately from design services.  This is due to legal reasons regarding the technical services since a client could obtain hosting and other services from KRB Web Services LLC, but could have another designer build their site.  Therefore, I have a 3rd party contract and bill these services and their payment system is used to process client payments.  For information and policies regarding billing for technical services, click here.

Payment Options For Design Services And On-Going Website Care

Design services and on-going website care services are billed by me directly.  Invoices are sent via email through accounting software employed by KRB Web Services LLC. Payments can be sent by check (requires a 7 day holding period) or can be paid electronically by credit/debit card by clicking the button in the electronic invoice. All payment processors are independent entities and KRB Web Services LLC has no access to your financial information such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers. You can review my Billing & Payments Policy here.

Website Care

Included In First Year

The first year of the base ‘Core’ Care Plan is included in this ‘Offer’. The plan includes updates to core systems, plugins, and themes as well as website optimization services, and an annual ‘Website Care Report’. For more details on the ‘Core’ Care Plan and to see the optional add-on features, click here.

Continuing the ‘Core’ Care Plan

Continuous care of your website is vital to preventing security breaches, loss of the site, and optimal performance. The ‘Core’ Care Plan and the optional add-ons are renewed yearly. While I cannot force a client to continue the service, without it, there is no way the website will continue operating properly into the future. Updates are required on a near daily basis and without an active service plan, the chances of a catastrophic site failure increase dramatically. For these reasons, I highly recommend continuing the ‘Core’ Care Plan beyond the first year.

Content Updates & Design Changes

After the site is pushed live, any content updates and changes to the design at the request of the client will be billed accordingly. Charges are tracked as they are incurred and once charges exceed $50, an invoice is sent to the client for payment. Any individual change requests that will exceed $50 will be submitted via estimate to the client for prior approval.

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