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You’ve invested your time, effort, and money in building a professional website. Protect your investment with my Website Care Services.

Website Care Services:  Keep Your Site Performing At Its Best

Your website is a tremendous investment and represents you and your business to everyone that comes in contact with it. It’s critical to protect that investment with a service plan designed to take care of your site and your business’s online reputation.

Protecting your website takes expertise, time, and a thorough understanding of the underlying systems it operates on. While a business owner can maintain their own website, it’s highly recommended to have someone experienced with best practices to take care of your website for you. Even small sites need to be actively managed to avoid catastrophic failures.

The KRB ‘Core’ Service:  Update, Backup, Optimize, & Report

All websites are unique and have their own specific needs when it comes to servicing them. To provide the best service level to my clients I have developed the KRB ‘Core’ Care plan that can then be expanded with add-ons to cover any type of website.

The ‘Core’ plan takes care of your site following five basic principles of website care: update, backup, monitor, optimize, and report. Using these five principles, my ‘Core’ plan provides the foundation of care for your website to ensure your site is performing at its best.

The Base ‘Core’ Care Plan

The Starting Point For Only $120/year!

The base ‘Core’ Care plan covers everything you need to make sure your site continues to perform at its best. The base ‘Core’ Care plan provides a base level of service for all WordPress sites and is optimized for small sites without heavy content updates or e-commerce solutions. At only $120/year, it is a tremendous value and provides peace of mind for you and your business knowing your site is protected and performing.


WordPress sites that are not properly updated pose the easiest targets for hackers, spammers, and other website attackers. Rest assured that your site is properly updated under the ‘Core’ Care plan. I update the WordPress core for both new releases and security updates as well as your plugins and themes on a consistent basis.



Don’t lose customers because of a slow website. Optimizing your site will keep it running efficiently and performing at its best. The ‘Core’ Care plan covers optimization of your websites database, draft revisions, comment system, and other systems.

Slow load times on your website will send your traffic elsewhere. Don’t miss out on opportunities because your site wasn’t properly optimized.



The best thing about the ‘Core’ Care plan is you don’t have to lift a finger to keep your site performing at its best, but how do you know what is going on with your site if you’re not working on it? That answer is the yearly report included in the ‘Core’ Care plan.

The yearly report covers everything done under the ‘Core’ Care plan itself as well as any custom work completed (content updates, design changes) and analytics (if installed). The Website Care Report, as it’s called, is your resource for understanding your website’s performance.

The Base ‘Core’ Care Plan Primary Add-Ons

Add Website Monitoring & Backup Protection

The base ‘Core’ Care plan covers everything you need to make sure your site continues to perform at its best. However; adding website monitoring and backup protection will really make it perform.  These are the primary add-on features for the ‘Core’ Care Plan and are highly recommended to clients whose hosting plans do not include these options.


Has your website been hacked? Have you been blacklisted by Google? How do you know? The ‘Core’ Care plan provides the answer through monitoring of your website with monthly security scans.  Add this monitoring service to your plan for $20/year.

These scans check your site for malware and vulnerabilities as well as your online reputation. Please note, this is monitoring service only and not meant to prevent or fix issues that may be detected.


What do you do if something happens to your site? Keeping backups is an integral part of managing and maintaining a website along with a recovery plan. You can add monthly, cloud-based backups to your plan for only $20/year. This backup is separate from any backups maintained by your hosting company, which is a best practice.

The Base ‘Core’ Care Plan Extended Add-Ons

Add Extended Backup, Monitoring, Optimization, and Reporting Options

The ‘Core’ Care plan is perfect for most small sites that don’t have high traffic volumes, e-commerce, heavy content updates, or other dynamic content. But what if your site does have one or more of these elements? That’s not a problem with KRB Web Services LLC.

Completely customize your website care plan with ultimate flexibility with add-on services. The ‘Core’ plan provides the foundation for your custom website care plan and the add-on services highlighted below expand and extend your service plan to get exactly what you need for your business.

Backup Add-Ons

More frequent backups provide even more protection for your site

Monthly backup is great for small sites with infrequent updates; however, if your site is more robust, it is critical to increase backup frequency. I offer a range of additional add-on options for backups to cover virtually any size site.

Monitoring Add-Ons

Keep a watchful eye on your site

Having your website (and your business and livelihood) attacked is a terrible feeling. Not knowing your website was hacked and compromised is even worse. I know. I’ve been there. It’s happened to me.

I’ve experienced the panic, the anger, and the exhaustion of trying to fix what other bad actors did to me and knowing I would never get any retribution. I never want my clients go through that experience.

What I learned from that experience is website security, while rooted deeply in technical expertise, is really nothing more than risk assessment and management. There is no way to 100% secure any website, but, with proper planning and precautionary measures, there are ways to limit the chances of an attack and mitigate the damages if one occurs.

Scanning your website frequently is one of the most critical steps in mitigating damages from a potential attack. Adding monthly scans to your ‘Core’ Care plan provides a basic level of service, but adding additional scans is one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck. Of all the add-on services I offer, the additional monitoring service is my most highly recommended.

Weekly Scan

The monthly scan is a great starting point but only provides the bare minimum recommended, but for only $50 a year, you can increase the scanning frequency on your site to be done weekly. More frequent scans will cut down on the time that a malware infection or blacklisting will negatively affect your site and reputation.

I recommend a minimal weekly scan to all clients that rely on any type of lead generation from their websites including contact forms or mailing list sign-ups.

Daily Scan

Scanning your site for malware and vulnerabilities on a daily basis may seem like overkill, but when it comes to a security breach, timing is critical. With a daily scan, if a breach occurs, remediation action can begin immediately to significantly reduce the damage done. For only $100/year, this is a tremendous value and provides peace of mind for you knowing your site is being monitored every day.

I recommend this add-on to ALL customers as I believe it is a tremendous service for a relatively low cost, but I believe it is imperative for you to have a daily scan if your site is monetized in any way (e-comm, subscription, etc.).

Optimization Add-Ons

Keep visitors happy and get more customers with an optimized site

Websites are about visitors and their experience with your website determines whether they become clients and customers or leave your site looking to look for someone else to meet their needs. Have you ever went to Google to find a product, clicked on the link to the site you wanted and then…..waited….and waited….while the site loaded? How long did you wait before you went back to Google to find another option? Don’t let that happen to you visitors to your website!

Monitoring your site’s performance and traffic are critical to an optimized site and I offer add-on services to help determine the best course of action for optimal site performance.

Uptime Monitoring

Always know your site is up and running with Uptime Monitoring. In the event an issue occurs, I am notified immediately so I can look into the problem and you will also be notified of the issue. Don’t lose customers because your website went down and you didn’t know about it.

Uptime Monitoring can be added to your Website Care Service Plan for only $25/year.


SEO Ranking

Want to know how your search engine efforts are doing? The SEO Ranking add-on allows you to track your keywords, your current and past rankings, and your competition. A great add-on if your site depends on search engine traffic.

This add-on allows you to track up to 100 keywords for only $25/year.

Performance Check

The performance check periodically analyzes the speed of your site and makes recommendations for improvements. It’s a great way to keep on top of your site’s performance on a regular basis. Analysis of the reports can also be used to improve site speed.

There are three service levels:

  • Monthly – $50/year
  • Weekly – $150/year
  • Daily – $300/year


Report Add-Ons

Get your Website Care Report when you need it

The ‘Core’ Care plan includes an annual report and if you only need the ‘Core’ Care plan with no add-ons, the annual report should suffice. However, if you’ve added additional services to your Website Care Plan, take full advantage of the additional service level with more frequent reports. After all, the more services you add, the more informative and useful the report will be.

Pricing for the report add-ons decreases on a per report basis with the higher frequency plans. With the Monthly and Weekly plans, you also get On-Demand reports that you can use to aggregate information based on your selected time frame (quarterly, monthly, etc.). I also provide on-demand reports for anyone that wants/needs a report other than the annual report provided with the ‘Core’ Care plan.

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