Website Estimator Terms & Limitations

The website estimator is a useful tool, but is restricted in its functionality. A full quote is always provided before I begin a project.

Estimator Terms

The estimators have terms that need to be defined.  Some of the terms are defined in the estimators themselves, but the other terms are highlighted below.

Yearly Fees

‘Yearly Fees’ are fees charged on an annual basis.  These are typically for technical services including domain name registration, hosting, email, security packages, and maintenance services.  See my billing and payments policy for more information on how these are charged.

Design Fees

‘Design Fees’ are one-time charges for specific items listed in the estimator.  They include the base charge for building the site, additional special pages, and additional content pages as well as installing and configuring forms, plugins, and other items.

Estimator Limitations

Given the unique nature of every website design, the estimators are limited in their functionality and full quote is always provided.  Below are some of these limitations.

logo Integration

Included as part of the design fees on the estimator is the integration of your logo.  Integration of your logo is limited to adding it to the header section of the website.

Your logo must be in a usable format (.png) and size. If the logo is larger than what is needed, I can typically adjust the size to fit; however, if it is smaller or in the wrong format, you will need to contact your designer to correct it. If you don’t have a logo, we can discuss options for obtaining one or using text.  Any needed adjustments to the logo are not included in the estimate.


The estimator is unable to adjust for any additional imagery that may be needed in a website design.  The layouts come with stock images and I can integrate your images directly into the site. I will make minor editing to size and color as needed for the design. I can also find and integrate stock photography as needed.

There may be additional charges for image editing or the purchase of stock images or graphics.  These charges are not included in the estimate.


Child Themes

The estimator assumes use of a pre-built Divi layout; however, there are times when a child theme or layout must be purchased separate.  Given the large number of available themes and options, these costs are not able to be included in the estimate.


Plugins provide added functionality to a website.  Some plugins are free, but others require either purchase or licensing fees.  These potential costs are not included in the estimate.

Licensing Fees

Licensing fees are subscription charges for different items.  Some child themes have yearly licensing fees for ‘support’ to make sure they are up to date.  Some plugins also require yearly licensing fees.  These are not included in the estimate.

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