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Obtaining hosting for your website can be a difficult task to undertake on your own. There are hundreds of providers and everyone of them seems to offer different services and pricing structures. Often, there websites delve deep into the technical aspects of their service without effectively explaining what these aspects mean for the website owner. They also often offer alluring pricing structures for limited time to get you to sign up, only to raise the prices significantly later.

I present my hosting differently. I focus on what my hosting services can provide for your business without overloading you with information that, while technically relevant, is beyond what you really need to know about. I also offer pricing that is consistent and not discounted to lure you in only to triple or quadruple in price after the trial period is over.

Hosting your website under my plan only costs $120 a year. That’s a tremendous value considering everything you get for the price. As a bonus, I also include your first year of hosting if you select any of my website design packages.

Business Solution

Hosting a website should not take up any of your own resources. My hosting plan provides 10 GB of storage space, which is plenty of space for most sites, as well as unlimited e-mail accounts. The data transfer is also unmetered so you won’t pay extra when your site increases in traffic.

My hosting plan is suitable for approximately 10,000 visitors a month. This is not a cap or limit, but rather a point of reference. If your site consistently exceeds this volume of traffic, it is a good indicator that switching to a higher hosting plan like a cloud-based or dedicated server may be in order.

Site Speed

Nowadays, site load times are extremely important to your website visitors. My hosting plans are optimized to provide fast websites so you don’t lose traffic to your competitors. My hosting includes SSD storage devices, a free CDN, http/2 enabled servers, and a super cacher all designed to speed up your website.


My hosting helps protect your website through numerous technical features. These features protect your site through power and hardware redundancy, anti-hack systems, account isolation, and pro-active updates and patches.

Perhaps the best feature of my hosting plan is the included 30 day backup system. Your site is automatically backed up every day and copies are kept for 30 days. This is the extremely important first level of protection against site failure and is included with my hosting plan.

Large Sites & Specialized Hosting

My website hosting is perfect for small business sites, but there are times when your site may need hosting that is beyond what I can provide. For those cases, I will review your hosting needs and recommend the best option for you.

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