Website Packages – Terms & Conditions

KRB Web Services website packages are designed to meet the needs of multiple tiers of clients. Each package has certain requirements and limitations. For clients whose needs do not fall within the requirements or for clients that need a more robust website with additional features, a full quote is required. You can contact me to request a consultation.


New Clients Only

Packages are intended for new design clients only. Existing clients with a website designed and built by KRB Web Services are not eligible. This applies to design clients only. Existing clients for other services that do not have sites built by KRB Web Services are eligible.

WordPress/Divi Requirements

Packages require the client to use the WordPress CMS and the Divi theme. If another CMS or theme is desired, a custom quote will be required.

KRB Web Services Hosting Required

Since hosting is included in the package price, the client is required to use hosting services provided by KRB Web Services. If the client has existing hosting or wishes to use a different host, a custom quote is required.

Website Care – ‘Core’ Care Plan

The ‘Core’ Care Plan is included in the package and is required for the first year. The ‘Core’ Care Plan is renewed on a yearly basis for $180 plus any optional add-on features you choose.

Excluded Functionality

Websites that require special functionality are excluded from these packages. Only sites that do not require any special programming or features like shopping cart integration, membership log-in, or dynamic content generation are eligible for special package pricing.

Domain Name Registration

The entity that registers the domain name is the legal owner of that domain name; therefore, the preferred method of domain name registration is for the client to register it directly. However; KRB Web Services LLC can register the domain name on the client’s behalf. The website design contract stipulates ownership resides with client.


Retainer Fee

A retainer fee of is due after approval of the mock-up and signing of the contract. The retainer fee is non-refundable and is used, in part, to secure one year of hosting from KRB Web Services. Hosting accounts are only available in one year terms. In the event you no longer wish to complete the project, you will still retain your hosting account until the expiration date of the account. You can continue receiving your hosting through KRB Web Services at a cost of $120/year payable prior to the expiration date of your account. For more information about KRB Web Services Hosting accounts, click here.

The amount of the Retainer Fee depends on which package you are interested in. The details are outlined below.

  • Basic Package – $150
  • Essential Package – $200
  • Extended Package – $250

Final Payment

Final payment of the remaining balance is due upon approval of the final site mock-up. Once final payment is received, the site is pushed live.

Payment Options

Invoices are sent via email through accounting software employed by KRB Web Services. Payments can be sent by check (requires a 7 day holding period) or can be paid electronically by credit/debit card by clicking the button in the electronic invoice. All payment processors are independent entities and KRB Web Services has no access to your financial information such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers. You can review my Billing & Payments Policy here.

Design Features & Limitations

Outlined below is what is included in the design along with any limitations for each package.


Pages are what make up the bulk of the website and each package limits the number and types of pages. The only exception to these limitations is the inclusion of a ‘Privacy Policy’ page which does not count against the page limitations for any package.


Basic Package – Limited to 5 static pages.

Essential Package – Limited to a total of 10 pages and can include 1 dynamic ‘Latest News’ or ‘Blog’ page for displaying posts.

Extended Package – Limited to a total of 20 pages in any combination of static or dynamic ‘post’ archive pages.

Logo Integration

Your logo will be integrated into the header of the site. Your logo can also be placed in different areas within the site as well.


Your logo must be in a usable format (.png) and size. If the logo is larger than what is needed, I can typically adjust the size to fit; however, if it is smaller or in the wrong format, you will need to contact your designer to correct it. If you don’t have a logo, we can discuss options for obtaining one or using text.


The layouts come with stock images and I can integrate your images directly into the site. I will make minor editing to size and color as needed for the design. I can also find and integrate stock photography as needed.


I work with images as much as possible, but if there is something specific that is needed that I am unable to perform, you will need to have your graphic designer or photographer make those edits. In some cases, stock photography or graphics may be needed and each package includes a set amount for these items. If more than the stated amounts are needed to complete the design, the client will be responsible for the additional amount. I will seek your approval before obtaining additional imagery.

Basic Package – $10

Essential Package – $30

Extended Package – $50

Google Accounts

I will set up your Google Accounts based on what is included with each package.


In order to set up your Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google My Business, you will need a Google Account. It is your responsibility to set up your account but I can help you with it. If you desire to do any advertising with Google AdWords or to install AdSense on your site to generate revenue, that is beyond the scope of this offer. I can discuss how I can help you with those options as well.


Securing your website is extremely important. I will install basic security measures including software to help secure your site log-in, restrict access to core files, and encode your email address. Proper maintenance of the site is extremely important which is why a back-end maintenance plan is required.


The security measures taken on your site are precautionary and do a decent job protecting your site; however, they are not a full fledged security program. KRB Web Services does not provide website security directly, but I will review optional security programs at the time of your consultation that you can add to your site at an additional cost.

KRB Web Services maintains the back-end systems as far as updates to the installed software to help prevent security breaches; however, this maintenance is not suitable to prevent website attacks by outside parties. KRB Web Services is not responsible for lost or stolen data, information, or monetary losses resulting from malware, denial of service attacks, or any other attack.


Plugins are small add-on programs that perform specific functions on a website. These functions can range from security and backups to social media integration and much more. I will provide you with a list of the plug-ins used on your site, a description of each plug-ins’ specific function, and why the plug-in is being used on your site.


The plug-ins installed on the site are either free, or part of my license and are included in the package price. However; some plug-ins have premium versions that may be a better option or there may be specific functions you want to add your site that will require a paid plugin. The cost of any additional plug-ins will be added to the package price. I will seek your approval and provide you with the detailed cost outline before proceeding with installation of any paid or premium plug-in.

Hosting Features & Pricing

I provide my hosting services through my reseller relationship with SiteGround. Through this relationship, I am able to provide excellent service and performance while keeping the costs for my clients in check. There is also the added benefit of getting all your service needs handled through one company instead of having multiple companies to work with to operate your website. I have outlined some of the key features of my hosting accounts below as well as the payment setup.


Monthly Visitors

My client accounts can handle approximately 10,000 visitors on a monthly basis. This is not a restriction, rather a point of reference. If your site grows very large and beyond what my hosting account is designed for, I can make arrangements to upgrade your account directly with SiteGround.


My hosting accounts include 10GB of disk space on SSD drives. This is more than enough storage space for most sites. Unless you have a very large amount of photographs or videos on your site, this will easily accommodate sites designed and built under these packages.

Free E-mails

My hosting accounts include unlimited, free email accounts linked to your domain (ie., yourname@yourdomain.com). The accounts also feature free webmail access so you can check your email from anywhere.

Free SSL’s

My hosting accounts include free SSL certificates to encrypt data transfer. Not only is this more secure for your site visitors, but is also extremely important to search engines like Google.


Hosting accounts cost $120 per year. Payment receipt is required prior to expiration date of the account. If payment is not received prior to the renewal date, the account will be suspended and the website will be taken offline. Once payment is received, the account will be reinstated and the website brought back online.

Website Care

Included In First Year

The first year of the ‘Core’ Care Plan is included in each package. The plan includes updates to core systems, plugins, and themes as well as cloud-based external backups, website monitoring services, website optimization services, and an annual ‘Website Care Report’. For more details on the ‘Core’ Care Plan and to see the optional add-on features, click here.

Continuing the ‘Core’ Care Plan

Continuous care of your website is vital to preventing security breaches, loss of the site, and optimal performance. The ‘Core’ Care Plan and the optional add-ons are renewed yearly. While I cannot force a client to continue the service, without it, there is no way the website will continue operating properly into the future. Updates are required on a near daily basis and without an active service plan, the chances of a catastrophic site failure increase dramatically. For these reasons, I highly recommend continuing the ‘Core’ Care Plan beyond the first year.

Content Updates & Design Changes

After the site is pushed live, any content updates and changes to the design at the request of the client will be billed accordingly. Charges are tracked as they are incurred and once charges exceed $50, an invoice is sent to the client for payment. Any individual change requests that will exceed $50 will be submitted via estimate to the client for prior approval.

Let’s Get Started Today!

I hope these terms and conditions didn’t bore you, but if you do have any questions about them or my website design packages, please contact me. If you like what you’ve read and seen and want to get started, you can contact me directly, or click the button below. The button will take you to a form to submit some basic information to me and, once received, I will contact you to discuss your project.

Thank you!!

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