The Essential Package

Small Business Websites For $1,199!

The ‘Big 3’ costs of building a website are included!

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for small businesses and start-ups to get up and running with a new website quickly. This package makes it easy for your business to get everything you need from one place for one set cost.


Sites are built using beautiful Divi layouts. These layouts have many wonderful features and are all mobile friendly. Most layouts also come with all graphics and images, but I can easily integrate your own images or stock photos and graphics as needed.


Your hosting is built right into this package. No need to find your own host and pay another company for the service. Your first year is included in the price of this package. (see terms)

Website Care

Taking care of your website is critical to it’s performance and to the experience of your visitors. The Essential Package includes my base ‘Core’ Care Plan for the first year. That’s a $60 value!

Find the perfect design from the many available layouts.

I use Divi to build responsive, mobile friendly websites based on numerous available layouts. These layouts are all included in the cost to build the site and can be customized to fit nearly any need. Below are a few videos of some sites in action, but you can view some demo sites built with Divi by clicking on the button below.

This package is perfect for small business websites.

The Essential package is designed to solve two specific problems many small business owners have when it comes to building a website. First, it’s hard to find website design companies willing to build websites for clients with low budgets. Most design firms focus on large clients with tens of thousands of dollars to spend. This leads to the second problem. Most small business owners that don’t have that type of budget are left to try a ‘DIY’ approach to website design. Using builders like WIX can work, but you end up spending valuable time focusing on your website instead of focusing on your business.

What’s included in the Essential Package for website design?

This package is designed to provide the essentials any small business website needs. I include many features in the design, but there are some sites that go beyond this and, for those, I can create a custom quote. Below are all the features included in the design portion of the Essential package.


Your website needs a host.  Fortunately, I provide hosting plans for my clients.  The package price includes the first year of the ‘WordPress Basic’ hosting plan (see terms & conditions).

Base 'Core' Website Care Plan

My base ‘Core’ Care Plan is included in the package price for the first year and is vital to maintaining your site. This plan covers all back-end updates as well as site optimization.

WordPress Install

Designing the site starts with installing the WordPress CMS.

Divi Theme & Layouts

Sites are designed using Divi and layouts and are included in the package cost. There are also 3rd party layouts that can be purchased if desired.



You get up to 10 pages on the site to highlight your business including 1 ‘blog’ or ‘latest news’ page. If you need more, I can price each additional page separately.


Installation and configuration of these plugins: Jetpack, Email Address Encoder, & Yoast SEO (free version)



The Essential package includes the base level security measures, installation of Sucuri WP for added protection and website hardening, as well as an SSL certificate (HTTPS).

Social Media Integration

The Essential package includes links to your social media profiles as well as the installation of the Monarch plugin to allow easy sharing of your content to social media.  The Monarch plugin will also integrate with your social media and show your follower counts.

Google Analytics

With the Essential package, I will install Google Analytics tracking code and search console so you can monitor your site’s traffic.

How to get started and what to expect.

Is this package right for you?

This package is meant for businesses with a specific need. To see if this package is right for you, please review my terms & conditions. If this package does fit your needs, GREAT! If what you need falls outside the realm of this offer, check out my other package options, or contact me to discuss a custom quote, .

Let’s get started.

Once you’ve read the terms and conditions and you want to get started, please use my package request form to provide me with some information about your business and your website needs. Once received, I will be in touch with you to discuss the next steps. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. You can also message me directly via FaceBook Messenger or DM me on Twitter.


The first step to building your business website is the consultation. I will discuss everything you need in great detail and get an understanding of what you need. From this, I will develop a plan for creating your site. I will be in frequent contact with you while I develop the plan to ensure your needs are met. I will also review the available layouts with you to choose the most appropriate one.


Once I have developed the website plan for your business, I will present a mock-up of the home page for your site and discuss any changes that may be needed. The mock-up is intended to give you an idea of what the site will look like and how it will perform before going live.

Contract Signing

Once the mock-up is complete and we are in agreement on site design and layout, I will provide the design contract which outlines the build, hosting, and other costs.

Domain Registration & Hosting Signup

Once the contract is signed you will create an account with KRB Web Services LLC to register or transfer your domain name and order your hosting package. Payment for the domain name and hosting is required at this time. The domain name cost is a separate charge and is not part of the design package pricing. You are required to pay for the hosting up-front and a credit for the hosting will be applied to the design charge after the live site build.

Live Site Build

Once the domain is registered/transferred and the hosting is purchased I will proceed with building the live site.

Testing & Final Approval

Once the build is complete, I will test the site functionality to ensure it is running properly. I will also seek your final approval on the site and, upon payment of the package price less the hosting credit, push the site live.

On-Going Care & Updates

The first year of my base ‘Core’ Care Website Plan is included in the package. The ‘Core’ Care Website Plan is a yearly plan that includes many of the services to keep your site running at it’s best. You can customize your care plan by adding additional optional features as well.

Get your website started today for an unbelievable price!

Paying thousands of dollars makes no sense for most businesses that just need the essentials for their website. To get a professionally designed, responsive website for only $1,199 is a tremendous deal. Don’t lose out to your competitors. If you don’t have a website or your website doesn’t stack up to the competition, you are losing valuable customers. Take your business to the next level with a beautiful website from KRB Web Services today!


What if I already have a website and/or hosting?

No problem. I will do a custom quote for you depending on your specific situation. If the site you want is within the scope of this package, the pricing should be similar. I can work with your existing host (assuming it’s compatible) and redesign your site.

What if I am just starting my business and not sure what type of site I should have?

I not only address your website during the consultation, but I get to know your business and what will work best for your circumstances. If this package doesn’t fit your needs we can explore other options.

What do I do if I expand or need more services in the future?

The essential website package is just a starting point. Your business will continue to evolve and if more functionality is needed in the future, I can add the functionality you require.

I don’t plan on having any updates to my site, do I still need a maintenance plan?

Yes. The ‘Core’ Care Plan is vital to protect your investment and keep your website up and running. The first year is included and each subsequent year is $60 for the base ‘Core’ Care Plan and there are many additional features you can add-on to customize your plan. View the details on the ‘Core’ Care Plan and the add-ons here.

I would also like other services beyond just a website, does KRB Web Services offer those?

Yes! KRB Web Services has other services including content writing, SEO, consulting, and advertising. I can help with almost any small business digital need. If I can’t help directly, I can help you find the right people who can.

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