Small Business Website Design Packages

by | Feb 16, 2019

KRB Web Services now offers small business website design packages! In this post I’ll explain what’s included in all packages, highlight each specific package, and explain the benefits of selecting a website design package for your small business.

What’s Included In Every Package

Website Design

Each package includes the cost of designing and building your website. The prices of the packages varies depending on the amount and type of content your small business website will need.


The cost to host your site for 1 year is also included in the package price. Hosting is provided by KRB Web Services directly so you don’t have to find your own hosting company.

Website Care

I also include the first year of my ‘Core’ Care Plan in each package as well. This plan assures you that your site is taken care of on an on-going basis. See what’s all part of the plan here.

Website Design Package Highlights


The ‘Basic Package’ is designed specifically for small businesses that just need a small, simple site. Most of these sites consist of a home page, services page, about page, and contact page. This is a great starter package for small businesses that are just starting out or have limited budgets. You can see all the details on this package here.

Essential Package

The ‘Essential Package’ is a step up from the basic website design package and provides more pages for additional content. This package is designed for the tier of clients that need more than just a basic website, but do not require a very large site or any additional services. All the details on the Essential Package can be found here.

Extended Package

The ‘Extended Package’ is a top tier website design package put together for small businesses that need to have more content on their sites while keeping design costs in check. This package is ideal for those looking to have individual pages for each of their services or products instead of grouping them together on one page. It’s also the right package for companies with a larger array of products or services they need to put on their websites. For all the information on the Extended Package, click here.

Benefits Of Small Business Website Design Packages

All-In-One Solution

The greatest benefit of choosing a small business website design package from KRB Web Services is the all-in-one pricing model. By incorporating design, hosting, and on-going website care into one package, my website design packages save you valuable time and money by eliminating the need to price these services individually.

Up Front Pricing

By creating small business website design packages, I am able to provide up-front pricing to all prospective clients that fall within the parameters of the design packages. This way, you know exactly what you are getting and for what cost so you can budget accordingly. It also saves me and my clients time since we don’t have go through the process of a custom quote. Of course, these website packages are limited in their scope so for clients who fall outside of the limits of the packages, I still provide custom quoting.

Basis For All Pricing

Since the bulk of the clients I’ve worked with in the past fall within the three tiers of these packages, I also use them as the basis for clients who have projects outside the scope of the packages themselves. For instance, if you are looking for a site with the features of the ‘Essential Package’, but also need to add an e-commerce solution, I can still provide the package pricing and then add for the e-commerce or any other additional feature as needed. This way, while you still may need a custom quote, you still have an idea of how much the base website will cost.

How To Get Started

There are few ways you can get started with a small business website design package from KRB Web Services. You can contact me directly if you’d like to discuss which package is best for you or you can compare all three tiers by checking out my Website Packages page. You can also check out the details on each package by clicking on the appropriate link below:

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