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As a freelance website designer I offer multiple services to help businesses succeed with their websites.


Multiple Options

I offer multiple options when it comes to design. My goal is to find the option that delivers the site you desire within your budget and on time.

Prior to building a client site, I offer a free quote that not only includes the cost to build the site, but also provides an overview of other aspects of operating the site including hosting, maintenance, marketing, and security. Check out my post, “Small Business Website Cost Considerations”, for more information about website costs.

Template Design & Modification

Templates are low-cost graphic themes that can be a cost effective way to design a site. There are thousands of themes available for WordPress and I work with my clients to find the perfect one to meet their needs.

Custom Design & Modification

Looking for a custom design? I can custom design your website to your specifications using the WordPress CMS and the Divi page builder.


Already have a site but want to make some changes? I can also review your site and make the changes you would like to see done.


An Important Decision

Hosting a website can be a daunting task. To make things easier, I provide my own hosting for small websites. However; if you require higher hosting plans that what I can provide, I have partnered with SiteGround as my hosting provider in those instances. SiteGround is one of the highest rated WordPress hosting companies out there and their customer service is phenomenal.

Of course, if you already have a hosting company or your needs can’t be met through SiteGround, I will work with your host of choice. I always review the hosting needs of your site during my quoting process and recommend the hosting provider that is going to meet your needs the best, regardless if I partner with them or not.

Maintenance Services

Keep Your Site Running

A website needs to be maintained to keep it functioning properly. I offer service plans to keep your site in up and running.

Maintenance comes in 3 different forms. The first is the required back-end system updates that includes updating the WordPress system and all plugins.

The second form is content updates consisting of adding new pages or posts or changing the text or pictures of an existing page or post.

Finally, there are design changes. Design changes consist of changing the overall layout of the site or the site’s structure like adding navigation or changing contact forms.

Maintenance Plans

Control Your Costs

My maintenance plans offer a great way to keep your variable website costs down. The only requirement is the ‘Updates Only’ plan which covers the required updates to the back-end systems. Any content updates are billed hourly at my rate of $50/hour.

To control those costs, my maintenance plans offer additional labor coverage at a sliding scale. The higher the plan, the lower the hourly charge.

Of course, the plan must fit your needs. Most clients fall somewhere within these maintenance plans, but if your needs go beyond what is offered here, I can create a custom plan to manage your website.

Website Packages

To make things easier for my clients, I have also put together website packages which include design, hosting, and maintenance for one low price. Each package offers different options for the amount of content and features. Check them out today!


Dedicated Research

I also offer consulting services to help businesses make important decisions. I take great pride in the detail and depth of the research reports I produce for my clients. The Competitor Analysis Report, Review & Recommendation Report, and the Keyword Research Report are the staples of my consulting, but I also offer custom reports for virtually anything business and marketing related my clients need help with.

Competitor Analysis

Want a detailed look at what your competitors are doing? I offer a detailed report analyzing both direct and indirect competitors websites that can help you plan your website and marketing strategies.

Review & Recommendation Report

Already have a site but thinking about making changes? My review and recommendation report provides the foundation for your website development plan regardless if you have me complete your project or not.

Keyword Research

Want to know how to target specific search terms to attract more visitors to your website. My keyword research report can give you an idea of how to accomplish this complicated task.


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