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How I built Revolution Industrial Services LLC’s website.

I’ve outlined the details on how I built this site for Revolution Industrial Services LLC as an example for prospective clients. By highlighting past projects I hope to provide some guidance to the process I follow to create web sites for clients.


Technical Aspects


The website for Revolution Industrial Services LLC didn’t have any major technical hurdles to clear. The main purpose of the site was to provide potential clients more information about the company and provide an easy way for them to get in touch with the company. What did present a challenge with the development of the site was the hosting situation. The company already obtained their own hosting and domain name prior to contacting me to develop the site.


One of the most important aspects of developing a website is deciding on how to host the site. When I first meet with a client to complete a review and recommendation report, hosting is one of the first aspects of site development that I address. Revolution Industrial Services LLC had already secured their domain registration along with other services, including email, through GoDaddy. As a result, we decided it would be best to add the hosting for the website directly through GoDaddy as well.

GoDaddy provides many hosting options and is a highly rated website hosting company so it was no issue to use them versus my own hosting services. In these situations, I am able to work with the client’s host using the client’s credentials to gain access to the account to build and test the website. Once the site is complete, I advise the client to change their account credentials for security reasons and if a situation arises in the future where I would need access again, I contact the client for the new credentials.

While this isn’t the most efficient arrangement, it is no problem to build a website and manage an account in this manner. One of the benefits of using WordPress to build websites is server-side access to the hosting account is not needed on a continuous basis. Once the WordPress system is installed and adjustments made to certain file settings, the vast majority of the work is done on the back-end of the WordPress system through the administration panel which is accessible directly via the web.


Graphic Design/Theme


The website design presented a somewhat unique challenge in that it needed to be less complex than most available themes yet still match the industrial look and feel of the company. The primary goal of the site was to provide some basic information to potential clients while making it easy for them to contact the company via the website. These parameters are ideally matched by a landing page or funnel design, but Revolution Industrial Services LLC preferred to have a more traditional, paginated site design.

The design had to incorporate their logo and also have sliding header imagery that tied into their core values and mission. The site also had to have a gallery to highlight some of the company’s work and it had to have the ability to easily add more galleries in the future.

The site also had to aesthetically match the industrial look and feel of the company’s logo, building, and services. Finally, the site had to incorporate a contact form that would email user submissions to a special, dedicated email account.


As with most sites, there were two options for design: find a pre-built theme or custom design the site. Finding a pre-built site is usually far more cost effective than a custom built site and fortunately, after searching numerous resources, I was able to find a theme from Template Monster that fit the customer’s needs.

The theme fit the industrial style of the company and, after some minor graphic changes, I was able to incorporate the company’s logo into the design. The theme also had the required header image area for slides to highlight the company’s industrial focus areas. Finally, the theme also had a pre-built contact form that was easily adjusted to meet the requirements.

Another great aspect of using pre-built themes for WordPress is they are relatively easy to customize. In this case, I actually had to remove much of the theme’s functionality and features to produce the type of site the client wanted. By using pre-built graphic themes I can keep costs and development times to a minimum.

For more information about WordPress and Themes, see my blog post “Why WordPress?”.

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