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How I built Province Builders & Realty’s real estate website.

The website I built for Province Builders & Realty required specialized information specific to real estate. I’ve expanded on the process I used to build there site as an example of how I use different methods to meet the needs of my clients.


Technical Aspects


Province Builders & Realty has been a client of mine for many years. The challenge of building their website was not one of just building the site, but was one of converting their old site to a completely different system. Their old site, which I had built years before, was done a static HTML site that no longer met their needs. In order to keep up with technology, a solution was needed that would allow the site to grow and evolve to make use of new technology and website capabilities.


To meet the needs of the new website, I converted the old website to the WordPress CMS during a complete re-design of the site. The WordPress system allows for easier updates to frequently changing information like home prices and availability. The installed plugins also allow mapping features and better image management which is especially important for a real estate website.


Graphic Design/Theme


The greatest challenge in converting this website from the original static site to the WordPress system was finding the appropriate real estate theme. The theme had to focus on homes that were for sale and would allow the site to showcase featured homes prominently. The original site was built around the company’s needs at the time.

During the time the site was running it became quite large and loaded with information. The new style of the site had to streamline this information and make it more presentable, especially on mobile devices.

The company was not just a real estate agency, but also a home builder so the site had to allow previously built and sold homes to remain on the site to be viewed as examples of the contractor’s prior projects.


In order to meet all the requirements it was imperative to find the perfect theme that would work for Province Builders & Realty. A custom design was not going to work in this case because of the required custom post types for real estate. Fortunately, there are plenty of real estate themes to choose from and I eventually found the perfect theme that not only fit their requirements, but the color scheme was easily changed to match their logo as well.

The main feature of the theme was the built-in featured home slider on the front page. This fit exactly what was needed. I built this feature into the original static site, but with the WordPress system using the pre-built theme, it was much easier to set up and maintain. Along with the featured home slider, the theme also uses the custom post type that show up in the ‘feed’ on the home page, so anytime a new home is added, it automatically appears on the home page.

Finally, the combination of the theme’s custom post types and the WordPress system allowed me to create archives of the homes the builder constructed and maintain them directly on the site. This allows potential clients to see examples of the builder’s work and view the floor plans for custom built homes.

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