Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

If you have a website, have you asked yourself, is my website mobile friendly? The answer to this question has a tremendous impact on the effectiveness of your website. In this article, I explain what makes a website mobile friendly and how to determine if your site...

Small Business Website Cost Considerations

"How much does a small business website cost?" is a question I am asked all the time. The answer, of course, is: it depends. The cost of a website for a small business varies depending on the needs of the customer; however, there are some general factors involved in...

The New KRB Web Services Site

Thank you for visiting the new website for KRB Web Services. I have completely redesigned the site from the ground up to provide easier access to information and more relevant content to existing and prospective clients. In this post I will also lay out plans for the...

WordPress Resources at SiteGround

WordPress is an award-winning web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. SiteGround is proud to host this particular WordPress installation and provide users with multiple resources to facilitate the management of their...

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